1. It seems to me more and more archaic and out-of-place every day the fact of putting on make up.

  2. Amarna Miller details.

  3. Amarna Miller  Primera Línea, August 2014.

  4. Claudia Bomb. Primera Línea Magazine, September, 2014.

  5. Little drawing on my little sketchbook.

  6. I warned you, risqué drawings each month for Elisa Victoria's texts  ♥ 
    La Mancha Blanca (The White Stain). Primera Línea Magazine. July 2014.

    This month, a german girl called Connie (Lengua de serpiente // Snake tongue)

  7. Zagala.

    I lost the picture this drawing is based on, can you help me find it so I can give the photographer proper credits?

  8. imop:


    (Source: adara-imop)

  9. Meredith with the waves.

  10. And the last one, cover illustration for Meredith with the Waves, fourth book of the Meredith saga written by Amanda Gale.

  11. Complete illustration for “Meredith Into the Fire” book cover.

  12. Cover for the third book of Amanda Gale’s Meredith saga. “Meredith Into the Fire”.

  13. Cover for the second book of Amanda Gale’s Meredith saga. “Meredith Against the Wind”.

  14. Romance VII.
    *Based on a photograph by Álvaro Cantero.

    **A present for my dear friend jelloworld .
  15. Complete illustration for “Meredith Out of the Darkness”, a book by Amanda Gale.