1. And now an alternative sketchy version of Stoya.

  2. Este mes ha visto la luz mi primera colaboración con la revista Primera Línea (NSFW) ilustrando la nueva sección de Elisa Victoria, La Mancha Blanca.
    Entre mucha teta gorda encontraréis a nuestra querida Stoya. El mes que viene habrá más rosita y celeste 


    I started a collaboration with Primera Línea Magazine illustrating the new section of Elisa Victoria (spanish writer and great friend).
    This month is Stoya’s turn, next time there will be even more pink and turquoise 


  3. I just made public my instagram account, so now I share some random stuff with anyone who want to see them :)
    *Warning: it’s full of silly little details, photos of my cat, sneak peeks of my drawings and you’ll hardly ever see a selfie.

  4. Pss pssss! Some risqué works coming soon…

  5. some profile sketches.

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  7. imop:

    Dark WIP dark.

    Soon I’ll show what I’ve been working on lately.

    (Source: adara-imop)

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  9. Have a lovely day.


  10. wallslism said: Hello Adara, i love you work and techinic and would like to ask you something, what do you use to make those lines and which paper do you use. Hope you can answer me, Thanks!

    *I usually answer in private to messages, but this is a real f.a.q, so I’ll let you all see it :)

    The black lines in my illustrations are made with soft graphite pencil (Faber-Castell 6B / 8B), for the colored ones I use colored pencils (Faber-Castell Polychromos). You can tell Cobalt Turquoise is my favorite <3
    And I always draw on big hard-covered Hahnemühle journals made with warm white 140gsm paper.

    I hope you find this information useful :)
    Thank you!


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  12. A little present for a friend.

  13. A series of Illustrations for Modern Tea's packaging labels.
    More details here.
    Ilustraciones para packaging de té para una nueva marca australiana, Modern Tea.
    Más detalles aquí.

  14. I made an evil cat from space dancing with a cosmic girl for Breaking Rocks.
    Hice que una chica cósmica bailara con un gato del espacio para Breaking Rocks.

  15. ¡Felices fiestas!