1. I’m having a very “handy” week.
    There should be an “International Hand Day”. It should be today. Happy Hand Day.

  2. Nueva ilustración para iWrite
    Una artículo para entender las nuevas reglas ortográficas.
    New illustration for iWrite Magazine.

  4. Spanish poster for La Guarimba Film Festival.

    *I used the amazing Granaína font, you can find it here.

  5. El zorrito ya está disponible en la TIENDA.

    The quick brown fox is now available in the SHOP.

  8. tropical wip.

  9. Jeff Buckley.
    iWrite Magazine.

    (Source: Flickr / imop)


  10. yougoandrun-iwillhide said: Pleaseeeeee put the illistration of the lady with sun glasses n flowers infront of her face onto a top! Id so wear it.



    Now this illustration is available as t-shirts (for men and women) and tote bags.

    You can get it in my shop :)

  11. Yesterday I had a snowy Sunday.

  12. 1000drawings:

    Take Your Clothes Off by Adara Sánchez

    My old drawings :)


  13. I’ve just ordered my bussiness cards from . Get 10% off your first order:  

    I can’t wait to see how they turn out! 


    Acabo de hacer un pedido de tarjetas en . Si quieres ahorrarte un 10% en tu primera compra, entra aquí:  

    ¡Qué ganas de ver qué tal salen!

  14. move. on Flickr.

    (Source: imop)

  15. ¡Felices fiestas!